What is a Punters Club?

Punters Clubs are a great way to get friends and social groups together to have fun and raise funds for a group goal or cause. The Club Manager starts the Punters Club, sets the rules and invites friends to join. Club members contribute a set amount of money according to the Punters Club rules and take turns to bet. All club winnings go into the Club bank (not a real bank, just a holding place for your funds until you're ready to cash out) which the club builds to work towards a common goal or if preferred, individuals can cash out their share to spend however they wish.


What is Punters Club Hero all about?

Punters Club Hero (PCH) has made starting, joining, running and participating in a club effortless while raising the enjoyment level through online social interaction.

Running your punters club through Punters Club Hero means no more administration for the club Manager and more timely information and enjoyment for Punters Club members.


How does Punters Club Hero work?

  1. The Club Manager starts a punters club and sets the rules including contribution amount, which includes the amount to bet with and the amount to be banked. It only takes a few minutes to do.
  2. The Club Manager invites friends online or tells them to visit PuntersClubHero.com, enter the club's name and join. Joining takes a few minutes too.
  3. Club funds are automatically deducted with the amount set in club rules transferred to the Club betting account and to the Club bank. Members are notified about whose turn it is to bet and all bets and results are immediately sent to club members (email or SMS) and the club dashboard and statistics pages are also updated immediately. Only Club Members whose turn it is to bet are granted access to the Punters Club betting account.
  4. If betting club member(s) win they get to bet again otherwise the turn passes on to the next member(s) in line to bet.

There's an informative Punters Club dashboard, graphs and statistics to show up the club's heroes and overall performance.

Even better, Punters Club Hero is free to use.


Can friends join after my Punters Club starts?

Yes. If you forget to invite friends, friends who you invited change their mind or if friends are too slow to join before the start date, they can join the club at a later stage. Punters Club Hero will automatically calculate each individual's share of the Club bank so there will be no issues with ownership of funds. All Punters Club finances are shown clearly at a Club and individual level to ensure everyone in the group has a clear understanding of the Club's finances.


Can we place Punters Club bets on our mobile?

Yes Punters Club Hero's site is responsive so works on PC and any mobile device.


Does it cost money to use Punters Club Hero?

No. Punters Club Hero is free to use.


How do we make club contributions?

You provide your VISA, Mastercard credit card details or bank details via POLi payments securely online when you join a club and agree to the club contribution terms when using credit cards (i.e. amount and when the payment occurs). Your contribution is automatically debited according to the club terms. You can leave the club or suspend your club contribution at any time. We do not store credit card or bank details on file.


Is my credit card information secure?

Punters Club Hero does not store any of your credit card information. We use payment gateway eWay to securely process your online credit card transactions, one of Australia's most repuatable providers of secure online transaction systems.

eWAY Payment Gateway


How do I update my credit card information?

To change the credit card that you wish to use for your club payments:
1. Go to Details > Manage Direct Debit and remove your existing card
2. Go to Details > Club Payment
3. Enter new card details and make a manual payment.

The payment will be allocated to the next period and the new card details will be used for future payments.


When can I cash out?

You can cash out at any time. using PCH's easy cash-out facility. Funds are transferred to your betting account where you can withdraw them or bet with them.


How do I cash out?

You can cashout via the "Details" tab and click "Cash Out" from the left hand side menu. Complete the cashout details and the funds transferred to your betting account where you can withdraw them or bet with them.

If you have a deposit limit on your Ladbrokes account, please ensure you have also linked your personal bank account as a withdrawal method on Ladbrokes.


How do I collect the funds I want to cash out?

After cashing out, your funds are transferred to your personal betting account where you can choose to withdraw them or do with them as you please.


I have a lot of members in my club. Can more than one member bet at once?

Yes. Club Managers can set club rules so that up to 3 club members bet within a betting period.


Can I bet on club bets?

When you start or join a punters club at Punters Club Hero your personal Ladbrokes.com.au account is created as part of the process. This enables you to easily back club member's bets or place bets of your own.


Who does our Punters Club bet with?

Your Punters Club betting account is automatically created when the Manager starts a Punters Club at Punters Club Hero. The account is created with Ladbrokes.com.au, Australia's fastest growing online bookmaker. Ladbrokes.com.au offers markets on a very broad range of horse racing, harness racing, greyhound racing, sporting and novelty events both within Australia and internationally in addition to all your favourite odds products. Ladbrokes.com.au is registered in an Australian territory.


How is my privacy managed?

Punters Club Hero has implemented a very strict privacy policy and utilises the most advanced encryption technology available. To read more about our privacy policy and controls click here


Who is Punters Club Hero?

Punters Club Hero is part of The Great Tip Off Pty Ltd. a company who has developed and manage some of the most utilised social entertainment software across the Internet including The Great Tip Off, TheGreatFootyTipOff and distributed across major racing and sporting websites within Australia and overseas.